Manicare 44100 Toe Nail Clippers with Catcher

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General Information

Chrome plated toenail clippers with catcher & nail file.

Chrome plated Toenail Clippers with curved cutting edges for long lasting performance. Includes a fold out file & a catcher for easy disposal of nail clippings.


Sharp implement. Keep away from children.


- Cut toenails straight across, following the shape of the toe.
- Do not cut into the corners as this may cause ingrown toenails.
- Smooth sharp corners with the coarse side of an emery board.
- To empty, grip sides of catcher, gently unclip from cutting end of clipper & lever away from clipper.


Soak feet in warm water to soften nails before trimming.

Manicare 44100 Toe Nail Clippers with Catcher