Thompson's Phytosterol Complex 120 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Phytosterol Complex a rich source of Phytosterols Thompson's Phytosterol Complex provides a rich source of...
Thompson's One-A-Day Bilberry 12000mg 60 Capsules
一般信息 本品有助于健康的眼睛和血液循环;帮助支持和保持健康的眼睛功能和视力;协助维持毛细血管的健康;帮助外周血循环;协助减少因自由基引起的细胞损伤的风险。 警告 按说明使用。如果症状持续,需向医生咨询。 常见的用途 适用于维持眼睛健康的人 成分 小牛皮果(越橘)果实12克,该含量相当于花青素30毫克。 使用方法 成年人:每天服用一粒胶囊,或遵医嘱。 General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Bilberry 12000 supports healthy...
Thompson's One-a-day Milk Thistle 42000mg 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Milk Thistle 42000mg Traditional Western herb used to support liver health & natural liver...
Thompson's One-A-Day Grape Seed 19000mg 120 Tablets
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Grape Seed 19000 Antioxidant that mayassist with blood circulation. Thompson's One-A-Day Grape Seed provides...
Thompson's One-A-Day Hawthorn 2000mg 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Hawthorn is a traditional herbal formula to support cardiovascular function. Hawthorn is an antioxidant...
Thompson's One-A-Day Organic Olive Leaf 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-day Organic Olive Leaf 5000mg is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve mild...
Thompson's Turmeric Joint Support 30 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Turmeric Joint Support reduces joint swelling and in?ammation and increases joint mobility. Thompson's Turmeric Joint...
Thompsons Ashwagandha Complex Night 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Ashwagandha Complex Night is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help the body to...
Thompsons Ashwagandha Complex Day 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Ashwagandha Complex Day traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to calm the mind and improve memory...
Thompson's One-a-day Vitex 1500mg 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Vitex 1500 may help relieve PMS andregulate the menstrual cycle. Thompson's One-A-Day Vitex 1500...
Thompson's CoQ10 300mg 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's High Strength Ultra CoQ10 300 High strength, powerful antioxidant that supports cardiovascular health and energy...
Thompson's One-a-day Kava 3800mg 30 Tablets
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Kava relieves symptoms of mild anxiety,stress and nervous tension. Thompson's One-A-Day Kava relieves symptoms...
Thompson's All In One Joint Pain Relief 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's All-in-One Joint Pain Relief 60 tabs Triple action: Helps relieve joint inflammation, pain and helps...
Thompson's Cod Liver Oil 100 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Cod-Liver Oil helps maintain healthy immune function. Thompson's Cod-Liver Oil provides a natural source of...
Thompson's Natural E 500iu 100 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Natural E 500iu 100 caps Antioxidant, helping reduce free radical damage to body cells. Thompson's...
Thompson's One-a-day Echinacea 4000mg 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Echinacea 4000mg a dietary supplement that supports immune system, common cold & general wellbeing....
Thompson's Ultra Liver Detox Liquid 300ml
General Information Thompson's Ultra Liver Detox helps support healthy liver and digestive function. Thompson's Ultra Liver Detox is...
Thompson's MultiVital Liquid 375ml
General Information Thompson's Multivital is a whole body tonic for health and wellbeing. Thompson's Multivital supports general wellbeing....
Thompson's One-A-Day Ultra Cranberry 60000 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Ultra Cranberry 60000 supports urinary tract and bladder health. Thompson's One-A-Day Ultra Cranberry 60000...
Thompson's Maca 1000 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Maca 1000 is traditionally used in Peru as anaphrodisiac and as a tonic to support...
Thompson's High Potency Super Lecithin 200 Capsules
General Information Thompson's High Potency Super Lecithin supports breakdown of fats in the digestive system & aids production...
Thompson's Astraforte 200ml
General Information Thompson's Astraforte 200ml Supports healthy immune function Thompson's Astraforte is formulated with Astragalus which has traditionally...
Thompson's One-a-day Celery Seed 5000mg 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Celery 5000mg is Traditionally used inWestern herbal medicine to help relieve mild arthritis and...
Thompson's Vitamin A 10000iu 150 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Vitamin A 10000iu helps support healthy immunity and eye function. Thompson's Vitamin A 10000iu helps...
Thompson's Ultra Strength Resveratrol 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Ultra Strength Resveratrol support cardiovascular system health and is a source of antioxidant. Thompson's Ultra...
Thompson's Ultra B 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Ultra B provides a high potency balance of B vitamins and Magnesium and supports healthy...
Thompson's Natural Super Carotene 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Natural Super Carotene helps maintain healthy eyes,eyesight and night vision. Thompson's Natural Super Carotene helps...
Thompson's Omega 3 Fish Oil 400 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Omega 3 Fish Oil 400 caps helps support cardiovascular health and brain function. Thompson's Omega-3...
Thompson's Ultra C 1000mg 180 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Ultra C 1000 Sustained release Vitamin C formula to support immune system health and reduce...
Thompson's Kelp 1400mg 120 Tablets
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Kelp 1400 helps support the function of thyroid hormones and healthy metabolism. Thompson's One-A-Day...
Thompson's Glucosamine & Chondroitin with Boron 200 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Glucosamine & Chondroitin With Boron helps support healthy joint cartilage growth and bone health. Thompson's...
Thompson's Flaxseed Oil 1000mg 200 Vegi-Caps
General Information Thompson's Flaxseed Oil 1000mg is a plant-based source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids...
Thompson's Garlic Perles 180 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Garlic Perles Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve common cold symptoms. Thompson's...
Thompson's B5 Pantothenic Acid 500mg 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Vitamin B5 beneficial during times of stress. Thompson's Vitamin B5 is formulated with 500mg of...
Thompson's AstaMax One A Day 6mg 30 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Astamax Nature's all round super antioxidant for skin, eye and immune health. Thompson's One-A-Day...
Thompson's Organic Magnesium 120 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Organic Magnesium supports muscle function & healthy cardiovascular system function. Thompson's Organic Magnesium is formulated...
Thompson's One-A-Day Tribulus 20000mg 120 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Tribulus 20000 Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve healthy libido and as body...
Thompson's Skin, Hair & Nails 90 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Skin, Hair & Nails Capsules 45 Pack Provides a combination of nutrients to help maintain...
Thompson's Prostate Manager 90 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Prostate Support is a nutritional and herbal complex supporting normal male physiology and function Thompson's...
Thompson's Organic Magnesium 50 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Organic Magnesium supports muscle function & healthy cardiovascular system function. Thompson's Organic Magnesium is formulated...
Thompson's One-A-Day Valerian 2000mg 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day Valerian 2000 Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of sleeplessness and...
Thompson's Digestion Manager 60 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Digestion Support is a dietary supplement that supports & maintains healthy digestive system function. Thompson's...
Thompson's Gel-Free Flaxseed Oil 1000mg 400 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Flaxseed Oil 1000mg is plant-based source of Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids to...
Thompson's Ultra Glucosamine 1500mg Plus 180 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Ultra Glucosamine Plus helps support joint health, bone metabolism and healthy cartilage. Thompson's Ultra Glucosamine...
Thompsons Salmon Oil Plus 1000mg 500 Capsules
一般信息 富含身体所需基本脂肪,欧米伽-3脂肪酸; 低回流配方:无鱼腥味 含天然橙油; 定期检测纯度:定期检测多氯联苯、汞和铅的含量; 有助于维持肌肤健康 有助于支持健康心血管功能 有助于支持关节活动性 有助于支持健康认知功能,增强记忆力 有助于在孕期提供额外的欧米伽-3脂肪酸 警告 仅按照说明使用,请务必阅读标签。 如果症状持续,请咨询保健医生。 常见的用途 Thompson's 汤普森强化三文鱼油软胶囊适用于以下人士: 有风湿性关节炎疼痛症状 患有或倾向于患上关节活动性减弱的症状...
Thompson's One-A-Day St. John's Wort 4000mg 60 Tablets
General Information Thompson's One-A-Day St. John's Wort 4000 Reduce & relieve symptoms of mild anxietyand support healthy mood...
Thompson's Organic Zinc 80 Tablets
General Information Thompson's Organic Zinc supports immune system health, skin health and wound healing. Thompson's Organic Zinc is...
Thompsons Salmon Oil Plus 1000mg 300 Capsules
General Information Thompson's Salmon Oil Plus is a low reflux formula, providing a rich source of Omega-3 Fatty...
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