Naked Bean

Berry Souffle Hand - Body Cream

Our soufflé textured Berry Scrub with fresh berry notes smells as good as it feels, rich in antioxidants, a light and beautifully nourishing experience for your freshly exfoliated skin. Also containing caffeine this moisturizer is not only...

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Coffee Body Scrub

A delicious fusion of effective, naturally derived ingredients. Stimulating Robusta coffee granules with natural caffeine to help detoxify and firm skin and reduce appearance of cellulite. It’s a trip to the spa in one 200gm bag! For easy...

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Coffee Cream Body Scrub

This product tube is a creamy scrub, even more moisturizing and creamy than the bag scrub, for those who prefer the convenience of a tube and a more nourishing scrub finish. A cream based scrub made with roasted Robusta coffee beans and organic...

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Coffee Cream Face Scrub/Mask

A house favourite, this Face Scrub/Mask is cleansing, creamy and delightful to use. It will clean, exfoliate and rejuvenate your face every time you use it. Apply a generous amount onto your face and leave for 3-5 minutes. Wet your hands and gently...

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