Albalon Eye Solution 0.1% 15mL

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ALBALON? Eye Drops:

- Help to clear the redness of minor eye irritations.

- Suitable for tired and red eyes.

How to use ALBALON? Eye Drops

Step 1

Wash hands with soap and water; dry them with a clean towel. Tilt your head back with both eyes open and look at a point on the ceiling.

With your index finger, gently pull your lower eyelid to form a small pocket inside the eyelid.

Step 2

With the other hand, gently squeeze 1 drop into the pocket.

Do not allow the tip to come into contact with your eye.

Step 3

Slowly close both eyes, but do not blink or squeeze your eyes, and gently press the inner corners of your eyes (by your nose) with your fingers for about 2 minutes.

This will help the eye drops remain in your eye for a longer period.

Step 4

Gently blot extra drops from face with a damp cloth. Repeat steps 1-4 for the other eye.

Replace the cap immediately after use.

General Information

Albalon Eye Drops help to clear the redness of minor eye irritations.

Albalon® Eye Drops help to clear the redness of minor eye irritations.

Contains Naphazoline Hydrochloride 1mg per 1 mL in Liquifilm base.


Size: 15mL


Pharmacy medicine. Keep out of reach of children.
If using a prescription eye product consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Albalon Eye Drops. Do not use in the presence of glaucoma, serious eye infections or with soft contact lenses. Pupillary dilation may occur with the use of this product. Prolonged use may be harmful. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.


For external use only.
Contents are sterile if seal is intact.
Discard unused contents 4 weeks after opening.


Each mL contains: Naphazoline Hydrochloride 1mg with LIQUIFILM® (Polyvinyl Alcohol) 14mg, Benzalkonium Chloride 40µg, Disodium Edetate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride and Purified Water.


One drop instilled in each eye every 3 to 4 hours, or as directed.


Store below 25°C.

Albalon Eye Solution 0.1% 15mL

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