Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Fragrance Free Lotion 225mL

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日常保湿乳液: -经皮肤科医生测试。 -舒缓和保护干燥肌肤。 -24小时滋润呵护。 无香味。 Aveeno天然保湿乳液含天然胶状燕麦精华,不像普通的乳液,含有丰富的润肤剂,可以滋润你的皮肤整整24小时。艾惟诺独特的燕麦配方也有助于预防和保护皮肤干燥,暂时缓解干燥皮肤的缩放和皲裂。这种天然滋补,不油腻的配方可以被肌肤迅速吸收,不会产生粉刺(不会堵塞毛孔),不含任何添加的香味。 Aveeno日常润肤霜让你的肌肤柔软、光滑、自然、健康。 临床证明: —舒缓皮肤干燥。 -保湿整整24小时 试试其他专门为皮肤干燥的人制定的Aveeno产品:Aveeno日常润肤沐浴露。 发现Aveeno天然活性成分。简单地说,天然活性成分是来自大自然的成分,独特的配方可以显示皮肤的自然健康和美丽。 重要的天然活性成分-滋养天然胶体燕麦片。


纯净水、甘油、二氯化二铵、凡士林、异丙酯棕榈酸酯、十六烷基醇、二甲基异丙基醇、二甲基丙烯酸甲酯、燕麦粉、苯乙醇、氯化钠。 含天然胶状燕麦精华


沐浴后涂于肌肤上,与Aveeno日常保湿沐浴露一起使用效果更佳,或当肌肤感到干燥或刺激时使用。 使用建议 强效滋润,帮助缓解和暂时保护擦伤,开裂或被风刮伤的肌肤。 保护刺激性肌肤。缓解干燥。

General Information

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Body Lotion relieves and protects dry sensitive skin, moisturises for 24 hours and is fragrance free. This hydrating moisturiser is non greasy and non comedogenic with nourishing natural colloidal oatmeal.

Aveeno active naturals daily moisturising lotion, unlike ordinary body lotions, contains natural oatmeal blended with rich emollients to moisturise your skin for a full 24 hours. The unique oatmeal formula of Aveeno also helps prevent and protect dry skin providing temporary relief of the scaling and chapping associated with dry skin.

This naturally hydrating, non greasy moisturiser formula is:
  • Fast absorbing
  • Non comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • Fragrance free
  • Dermatologist tested
Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion leaves your skin soft, smooth and naturally healthy looking.

Clinically proven to:
  • Relieve dry skin
  • Moisturise for a full 24 hours
Formulated with active natural colloidal oatmeal, this fast absorbing lotion is clinically proven to give you results you'll start seeing from day one, with significant improvements in just 2 weeks.*

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Discover Aveeno Active naturals. Simply put, Active naturals are ingredients derived from nature and uniquely formulated to reveal skin's natural health and beauty
  • Skin nourishing natural colloidal oatmeal
Bottle contains 225mL of body lotion.

* Dermatologist 2 week clinical study (03-121453-122)

Size: 225mL

Fragrance Free?: Yes

Skin Type: Dry


• Fragrance Free
• Moisturises for 24 Hours
• Relieves and Protects Dry Skin


Aqua, Glycerin, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Petrolatum, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Chloride.

Contains: Natural Colloidal Oatmeal


Apply to skin after showering with Aveeno daily moisturising body wash, or whenever skin feels dry or irritated.


Intensively moisturises, to help relieve and temporarily protect chafed, cracked or wind burned skin.
Protects irritated skin. Relieves dryness.

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturising Fragrance Free Lotion 225mL