Avent Natural 260ml Feeding bottle 2pk

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General Information

The Philips Avent Natural bottle features a wide breast shaped Natural teat which promotes a natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy for your baby to combine breast and bottle feeding. The new silky, ultra soft teat is designed to mimic the feel of the breast. The anti-colic valve designed to keep air away from your baby’s tummy, to help reduce colic and discomfort. Due to the unique shape, the bottle is easy to hold and grip in any direction for maximum comfort, even for baby’s tiny hands.


BPA free. Always wash bottles after use and before sterilising.

Common Uses

For combining breastfeeding and expressed breastmilk bottle feeding. The larger 260ml bottle is ideal for babies from 8 weeks of age comes with a 1m+ slow flow teat


The Philips Avent Natural bottle is ideal for combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The wide breast shaped teat enables a natural latch on similar to the breast and ultra soft spiral teat mimics the feel of the breast making it easy to switch seamlessly between breast and expressed milk bottle feeding. Pull teat completely through white ring - prepare bottle with breast milk or formula. Screw white ring onto bottle. After each feed wash bottle and sterilise before next use

Avent Natural 260ml Feeding bottle 2pk

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