Barnes Naturals Australian Blackstrap Molasses 500g

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General Information

Blackstrap molasses is a natural raw product, extracted from mature sugar cane, that provides a natural source of essential minerals.
• Source of iron
• Source of calcium
• Source of potassium
• Source of magnesium


Some people may find that molasses has a mild laxative effect.

Common Uses

With a rich, full-bodied flavour and aroma, Barnes Naturals Australian Blackstrap Molasses can be used as a substitute for sweeteners, in baked goods or as a natural flavour boost in sweet or savoury recipes. It can also be stirred into warm water with ginger for a nourishing drink.


100% Australian Blackstrap Molasses


Naturally not as sweet as sugar or maple syrup, Barnes Naturals Blackstrap Molasses has a rich flavor that can add depth to many dishes. Try it in:
Marinades: Add a couple of tablespoons to any meat marinade for a hint of sweetness and a warm flavor.
Sauces: A delicious addition to barbecue sauces or other homemade sauces.
Drinks: Mixed with warm water and ginger for a great way to add nutrients to a soothing hot drink.

Barnes Naturals Australian Blackstrap Molasses 500g

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