Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth Powder 100g

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Nourish Skin, Joint Function, Vitality and Well-being is as easy as having a cup of tea with Bioglan's Collagen Bone Broth. With 1.3g of collagen in each serve Bioglan Collagen Bone broth helps assist and nourish the appearance of aging skin.

What is Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth for?Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth brings convenience to the ancient superfood that traditionaly take days to make. Each serve contains 1.3g of collagen along with other key nutrients and amino acids for vitality and wellbeing. All the benefits of collagen and bone broth, and its as simple as maing a cup of tea. Why should I use Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth?Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth helps to maximise collagen intake to boost the collagen goodness in your body.Skin NourishmentBioglan Collagen bone broth helps to assist and nourish the appearance of ageing skin with a burst of active collagen peptides for skin wellbeing and vitality.Joint functionHelps support healthy joint function. Bone broth can be used as part of the fasting 5:2 diet & may be used in conjunction with the Bioglan NutriSlim program.

Size: 100g


Beef bone broth, Yeast extract, Hydrolysed collagen powder, Salt, Natural beef flavour.


Directions: Just add 1 heaped teaspoon (6.5g) to 200ml of hot water & enjoy! Perfect for sipping on in the afternoon or to tide you over to your next meal.

Bioglan Collagen Bone Broth Powder 100g

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