Bioglan Organic Maca Powder 100g

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The Incas most often regarded Maca as a powerful stamina booster, libido enhancer, hormone regulator and exhaustion buster.* No further discounts apply to sale price.

What is Bioglan SuperFoods Maca Powder for?The Incas traditionally regarded Maca as a stamina enhancer, energy tonic, libido tonic and hormone balancer.Unique alkaloids in Maca are considered to be adaptogenic. Adaptogens are traditionally used to nourish the body's endocrine system and to produce and balance hormones.Maca also provides an array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant sterols.ENERGY & STAMINAMaca traditionally helps support energy, endurance and stamina*.HORMONE BALANCE & HEALTHY MOODMaca is traditionally known as an adaptogen and this unique property is thought to balance hormones and help support resistance to stress in both men and women.LIBIDOMaca is known as the Andes aphrodisiac! It was traditionally used as a libido tonic for both men and women. Maca is perfect for anyone looking to support their general health and wellbeing.Directions: Mix 1 teaspoon (5g) with juices, smoothies, cereals & cooking.Ingredient: Certified Organic Maca root powder.If pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend consulting your doctor before introducing Maca into your diet.Who is Bioglan SuperFoods Maca Powder for?Men & Women for energy, stamina & mood.When should I take Bioglan SuperFoods Maca Powder?In your smoothies, cereals, or in baking.Why should I take Bioglan SuperFoods Maca Powder?100% Organic, Peruvian Maca powder.


Certified Organic Maca root powder.Suitable for halal diet,


Pump 3 times under each arm.

Bioglan Organic Maca Powder 100g