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General Information

Breath-A-Tech's cardboard asthma spacer is a compact and portable collapsible spacer intended to be used by patients to administer aerosolised medication from most standard asthma and COPD inhalers prescribed by a Physician or Healthcare Professional.
Ideal for emergencies, first aid, travel, sports or camping, this product can be used up to 7 days or until soggy. The Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer does not require priming before use and can be used straight out of the package.


  • Always follow the instructions provided with your asthma inhaler
  • Before use, check that the Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer is intact and that the interior is free of small objects that could be inhaled
  • Replace the Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer immediately if it is damaged
  • Store in dry area away from direct sunlight
  • Breath-A-Tech's cardboard spacer can be used multiple times. However, it is recommended to replace the Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer after 7 days or sooner if it becomes damaged, soggy or dirty.

Common Uses

  • Specifically designed to improve the delivery of asthma and COPD medication deep within the lungs, where it is needed the most
  • Can help reduce wastage of medication from asthma and COPD medication
  • Can help overcome poor technique in co-ordinating inhalation and actuation of the asthma puffer
  • Australian designed and made
  • Collapsible and portable
  • Comes in a clear re-usable bag for storage
  • Anti-static - no priming required before use
  • Directions

    Step 1: Place fingers in the middle of the chamber along the longsides as indicated on the chamber. Gently squeeze to snap the side panels into place to fully expand the Breath-A-Tech, push the inhaler slot side in gently.

    Step 2: Remove the cap from your inhaler and shake well

    Step 3: Push the inhaler into the inlaher slot opening as indicated on the Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer

    Step 4: Put the mouthpiece betweenthe lips and make up an airtight seal. Maintain a firm grasp on the Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer to ensure it is fully expanded at all times

    Step 5: Depress your inhaler and take a slow, deep breath through the mouth an hold for 5-10 seconds

    Step 6: Wait at least one minute before repeating step 5. Only use one dose from the inhaler at a time. Remove the inhaler and flatten the Breath-A-Tech cardboard spacer between uses

    Breath-a-Tech Cardboard Spacer

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