Bronchodual Cough 290ml Syrup

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General Information

The actives in Bronchodual have traditionally been used in Western herbal medicine to relieve dry unproductive coughs and loosen respiratory tract mucous. Marshmallow root: Relieves dry unproductive coughs. Thyme herb: Relieves mild chesty or bronchial coughs and helps loosen respiratory tract mucous.


Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If symptoms persist, seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Contains hydroxybenzoates. Not to be used in children under 4 years of age without medical advice.

Common Uses

Cough Syrup for dry and chesty coughs


Active ingredients: Each 1ml contains: Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) root liquid extract 55.3mg/ml equivalent to 4.25mg/ml dry root. Thymus vulgaris and Thymus zygis (Thyme) herb dry extract 7.81mg/ml equivalent to 78.1mg/ml dry herb.


Use measuring cup provided.

Adults and children over 12 years:15ml every 3-4 hours, 4-6 times a day, with a maximum daily dose of 90ml.

Children from 4 to 12 years: 7.5ml every 3-4 hours, 4-6 times a day, with a maximum daily dose of 45ml.

Children under 4 years of age: Use only as directed by your healthcare professional. After opening, use within 4 weeks.

Bronchodual Cough 290ml Syrup

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