BSc Collagen Protein 153g

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Use contents within 6 weeks of opening. Keep well sealed when not in use and avoid exposure to moisture.

Common Uses

As the most researched and most versatile collagen on the market, this is a product that will benefit everyone. Whether you're a professional athlete, functional trainer, rehab patient, endurance sports athlete, runner, weekend warrior, or part of the general or elderly population, Collagen Regenerate has something to offer you.

All-natural product and completely athlete safe with every batch HASTA tested. Formulated with 50mg of Vitamin C to assist in connective tissue synthesis for optimal recovery, repair, rejuvenation and results.


TENDOFORTE® is a researched specific Bioactive Collagen peptides® from GELITA, designed for ligaments and tendons. Strong tendons and ligaments are crucial for movement control, stability, mobility and important for physical performance.
VITAMIN C has been added because collagen and Vitamin C work together. Vitamin C is necessary for normal blood vessel structure and function and contributes to normal collagen formation. The body cannot produce Vitamin C naturally and being water soluble the body needs Vitamin C daily.

BSc Collagen Protein 153g

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