BSc HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx 60 Tablets

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General Information

Strung out, lacking in energy, fatigued, agitated? If your sleep is impaired, your mental function, mental and physical wellbeing, physical performance and recovery also suffer. Where total sleep time is restricted, lack of sleep negatively impacts next-day emotional processing and mood, pain thresholds, immune functioning and glucose metabolism.

Formulated specifically to combat the negative impacts of poor sleep on the mind and body, Body Science HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx contains innovative and clinically researched ingredients Recoverben® and Bluenesse® to help athletes sleep better, reduce muscle pain, improve recovery time, improve stress levels (cortisol) and enhance mood.

Sleep disorders affect an overwhelmingly large portion of the population worldwide, with insomnia being the most commonly reported sleep disorder. HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx, a natural product to support improved sleep quality and recovery without the common side effects of addiction, withdrawal symptoms or rebound insomnia associated with other sleep aids.

A therapeutic restorative sleep process formulation designed to repair and replenish the body systems, HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx combines the clinical dose of Blueness ® and clinical dose of Recoverben ® with other safe proven herbs to improve sleep quantity and quality, including Kava and Zizyphus at therapeutic doses. Backed by clinical human studies, “Bluenesse ®” addresses the mind while “Recoverben®” addresses the muscle, to improve the quality of sleep and recovery in both mind and body.


Keep well sealed when not in use and avoid exposure to moisture.

Common Uses

RELIEVE SLEEPLESSNESS Contains a powerful synergistic blend of natural herbal medicines traditionally used in treatment of insomnia.
CALM THE MIND Bluenesse has an immediate effect on mental focus and concentration, quietening a racing mind and providing a calm and positive mood.
ALLEVIATE MILD ANXIETY Revolutionary cortisol-lowering ingredient Bluenesse alleviates systemic stress and stimulates an almost immediate feeling of wellbeing.
POST-EXERCISE RECOVERY Recoverben is proven in human studies to reduce exercise related muscle strength loss by 50%.
ANTIOXIDANT Decreases free radical damage to body cells after exercise for anti-inflammatory effects to reduce muscle soreness.
NO SEDATIVE EFFECT Promote a sound sleep so that you wake refreshed and bursting with energy to help you face the day.

BSc HydroxyBurn Sleep Rx 60 Tablets

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