Byphasse Soft Toner Lotion 500ml

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Byphasse 蓓昂斯焕白柔肤爽肤水含有玫瑰水,深层清洁、滋润、不刺激。 你的面部肌肤会更清新,更亮白 卸去所有化妆品的痕迹,促进肌肤活性的同时保持pH值均衡

General Information

  • Byphasse Gentle Toner with rose water tones and cleanses without irritating your skin
  • Your face will be fresher and more radiant
  • Eliminates all traces of make-up and stimulates your skin while respecting its natural pH level

Byphasse Soft Toner Lotion 500ml

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