Difflam Anti-Inflammatory Sugar Free Pineapple 24 Lozenges

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General Information

Difflam Plus Dry Cough Relief Sore Throat Lozenges have a Triple action Antibacterial + Anti-Inflammatory + Cough Suppressant Formula.

Difflam Plus Dry Cough Relief Lozenges Provide Fast Relief of Inflamed Sore Throats + Cough Suppressant.

The Triple Action Formula contains antibacterial to help kill bacteria, which can cause throat infections. An Anti-Inflammatory agent which targets the site of inflammation to reduce swelling and pain. And a Cough Suppressant which relieves an irritating, dry cough.

For relief from the symptoms of dry. tickly cough in association with:
- Sore throat.
- Tonsillitis.
- Pharyngitis.
- Swelling, redness and inflammatory conditions.

Product Claims: Free from sugar, lactose and gluten.

Boxed Contents: 24 Lozenges

Size: 24 Pack


• Triple Action Antibacterial + Anti-Inflammatory + Cough Suppressant Formula
• Fast relief of inflamed sore throats + Cough Suppressant
• Relief of Tickly, Scratchy Throats, & Dry Coughs


Do not use
- In children under 6 years.
- If blister seal is broken.
- If past the expiry date.
- If you are allergic to benzydamine or other anti-inflammatory medicines. If an allergic reaction occurs, stop taking and see your doctor immediately.

Contains Sucralose, Isomalt (31 g per 12 lozenges, recommended maximum daily dose). Products containing isomalt may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea.


Keep out of reach of children.


Active Ingredients: (In each lozenge):
Benzydamine hydrochloride 1.5 mg, Cetylpyridinium Chloride 1.33 mg, Pholcodine 5.5 mg.

Contains: Contains Sucralose, Isomalt.

Allergen Free From: Gluten| Lactose| Sugar


Age: Adults and children over 12 years.

Dosage: 2 lozenges.

How often: Every 3 hours as required (max. 12 lozenges per day).

Age: Children 6-12 years.

Dosage: 1 lozenge.

How often: Every 3 hours as required (max. 8 lozenges per day).

- Slowly dissolve lozenge in mouth one at a time.
- Uninterrupted treatment should not exceed 7 days unless under medical supervision.


See your doctor or pharmacist before use.
- In children aged 6-12 years.
- If you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant.

While using this medicine.
- May cause drowsiness. If affected do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery.
- Avoid alcohol.
- The efficacy of an antibacterial agent in lozenges in reducing the severity or duration of throat infections has not been clinically established.
- If symptoms persist, see your doctor or pharmacist.


Store below 30°C.

Storage Temperature: Below 30°C.

Difflam Anti-Inflammatory Sugar Free Pineapple 24 Lozenges

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