Euky Bearub Eucalyptus Chest Rub 50g

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General Information

Euky Bearub is a gentle, soothing chest rub which helps relieve the symptoms of colds - sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough, general aches and pains. You breathe more easily and sleep better with the pleasant soothing medicinal vapours of Euky Bearub.

Euky Bearub is suitable for all the family. While adult strength, it is gentle on most sensitive skin. Euky Bearub is a balanced blend of natural essential oils in a light petrolatum base.

Head Colds
The common cold is the most rampant infectious disease suffered by mankind. If unchecked, a cold can lead to serious secondary infections. Most people sooner or later fall victim to invading cold germs. The telltale signs develop - a raw, sore throat, stuffy nose, an incessant cough and general aches and pains. Euky Bearub helps relieve these unpleasant symptoms allowing you to feel more comfortable. The fresh, clean, penetrating medicinal vapours:

clear cold-congested passages
make it easier to breathe
ease the sore and inflamed throat
stimulate the circulation
aid the body's own defence system
Inhaling the steam-laden vapours of Euky Bearub from a bowl of very hot water helps remove mucus material from nasal passages and keeps the airways clear. It helps reduce a constant hacking cough and the heat soothes an irritated throat.

An application of Euky Bearub before sleep helps make breathing easier. Sleep is more relaxed and peaceful.

Muscular Aches
Soothe away the muscular aches and pains of colds, rheumatism, fibrositis and lumbago with Euky Bearub. Massaging the warming, penetrating ointment into muscles gives immediate relief. Muscles become warm and relaxed and soon move freely again.

Extra heat can be generated by keeping treated muscles wrapped in warm clothing or by the application of warm towels. However, care should be taken to avoid skin blistering from excessive heat.

Insect Bites
Euky Bearub is excellent for giving soothing relief to the pain, redness and swelling of insect bites. Bites and stings from insects and ants can be painful and they may also irritate, itch and swell surrounding tissue. It is advisable to wash the area in cold running water to remove the toxin from the skin. Then gently apply Euky Bearub to the site to obtain comforting relief.


The active ingredients which have a long history of success in helping relieve the symptoms of colds are Eucalyptus Oil 6.0%w/w, Eucalyptol 6.0%w/w, Menthol 5.0%w/w, Camphor 4.9%w/w, Rosemary Oil 1.0%w/w.

Natural Ingredients Eucalyptus Oil is a volatile aromatic expectorant with anti-microbial properties. When inhaled, it makes secretions more fluid and relieves the congestion of the bronchioles.

The antiseptic and expectorant action of Australian eucalyptus oil has proven particularly beneficial and safe in the treatment of respiratory disorders for more than 100 years.

Eucalyptol is the main constituent of medicinal eucalyptus oil. It has the action and uses of eucalyptus oil, but is less irritating to mucous membranes.

Menthol has an analgesic effect and relieves the symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis and similar conditions.

Camphor is a mild analgesic and expectorant. It is effective and it is universally accepted as safe at the level used in Euky Bearub.

Rosemary Oil is an aromatic essential oil with proven anti-bacterial activity.

Special Ointment Base The special ointment base ensures the therapeutic vapours are locked in until ready for use. Once applied, a steady and continuous stream of soothing medicinal vapours are released bringing comfort and relief. For children and adults alike, Euky Bearub brings warmth and comfort that no internal medicine can give. The pleasant odour and attractive packaging wins the co-operation of the young patient


How to Use Euky Bearub

First sign of cold An early application of Euky Bearub to throat, chest and around the nose will help clear nasal passages clogged with mucus and give relief to a sore and inflamed throat. Repeat two or three times a day. An application of Euky Bearub to throat, chest and back before retiring helps keep nasal passages clear. Breathing is freer and sleep is more relaxed and restful.

Coughs and Congestion You will get great relief from the distress of a stuffy nose, persistent cough and upper bronchial congestion by dissolving 2 teaspoonsful (8g) Euky Bearub in a bowl of steaming hot water and inhaling the penetrating medicinal vapours. The soothing eucalyptus vapours will clear nasal congestion and make breathing easier.

Muscular Aches Euky Bearub massaged into muscles will give warming, soothing relief to the muscular aches and pains of colds, rheumatism, fibrositis and lumbago.

Insect Bites Get soothing relief from the pain and itch of insect bites with a gentle application of Euky Bearub. Do not rub. Repeat as necessary.

Euky Bearub Eucalyptus Chest Rub 50g

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