Manicare 21070 Travel Nail Clipper Wfile

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General Information

Designed with an ergonomic grip & rotating blades, these nail clippers provide for easy & accurate trimming of toenails at any angle - in a handy travel size.

Ergonomic rotary clipper and soft touch handle to trim nails in different directions for self or family with ease.

- Smart design rotary clipper and handle.
- Inbuilt nail file.
- Ideal for easy clipping at different angles.
- Cabin luggage compliant and inbuilt nail file.

Size: 1 Pack


Rotate blade to wanted angle and clip to desired length.


Trim nails straight across (instead of rounded corners) to prevent ingrown nails.

Manicare 21070 Travel Nail Clipper Wfile- HK$221.00