Manicare 23057 Essentials Cosmetic Brush Kit

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General Information

High-quality brush kit essential for your everyday make-up from the Manicare Expert Brush Collection.

The Essentials Make-Up Brush Kit includes:

F10 Foundation BrushA professional quality foundation brush made from high performance bristles and designed to provide a smooth, even finish & flawless look.
F12 Powder BrushDesigned for flawlessly blending, buffing and diffusing powder, blush or bronzer. Features a fluffy, full round shape brush head which holds and deposits product evenly.
E10 Blending Eye BrushProfessionally designed with superior quality fibres which are super soft against the eye. Perfect for blending eyeshadow.
E14 Lash/Brow BrushDual brush to groom and smooth out eyebrows and to separate lashes after applying mascara.


F10 Foundation Brush- Apply liquid or cream foundation to the back of your hand and then coat the end of your brush. Apply foundation along your nose bridge and cheekbones.
- Work your way out to your hairline or neck using long, smooth strokes.
F12 Powder Brush- Dip Powder Brush into loose or pressed powder, tap off excess and apply in large circular motions over the entire face.
E10 Blending Eye Brush- Look 1 Natural Eyes: Apply a light colour eyeshadow in long, sweeping motions to achieve an even wash of colour over eyelids.
- Look 2 Smokey Eyes: Brush in small circular motions, where you want darker eyeshadow. Blend in larger circular motions to soften the final look.
E14 Lash/Brow Brush- Brush brow hairs upwards.
- Glide the brush along the top of the brow from the inside outwards.


F10 Foundation BrushEnsure you start with your t-zone and blend out towards the hairline without applying more foundation. This will ensure no obvious lines around the hairline or jawline.
If you apply too much foundation, mist face with water and blend with brush for a more natural coverage.

F12 Powder BrushThe full round shape of this brush also makes it ideal for the application of bronzer or powder to the body.
Avoid eye area where powder can collect and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

E10 Blending Eye BrushPerfect for a wash of colour over the eye or to seamlessly blend multiple colours together.
Use as the last step of blending to soften a smokey eye.

E14 Lash/Brow BrushUse comb before and/or after applying mascara to separate eyelashes.
Comb through lashes before mascara dries for an instant lift and separation.
Use brush before and/or after plucking eyebrows to smooth and shape.
Brush side is perfect for blending in brow shadow.

Manicare 23057 Essentials Cosmetic Brush Kit- HK$302.00