Remescar Sagging Eyelids 8ml

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General Information

Remescar Sagging eyelids . Instantly lifts upper eyelids, immediate results, clinically proven effective.


Keep out of reach of Children - store under 30 degrees

Common Uses

Remescar sagging eyelids is an eyecreamdesigned to quickly and easily lift sagging eyelids.


Aqua, Glycerin,lithium magnesium, soldiumsilicate,acrylatecopolymer,meadowfoam estolide,phenoxyethanol,albizia jubilbrissin bark extract,Maris aqua,PEG 75 Shea butter glycerides xanthan gum,ethylhexylglycerin.VP Polcarbamyl polyester,hydrlyzed sesame protein PG propyl Methylsilanediol, Hydrolyzed algin,sucrose, sodiumbenzoate,Darutoside C16035 ci19140


Wash face gently pat dry, If you are using a moisturiser allow time tofully absorb. Squeze a small amount onto your fingertip ( aim for size of grain of rice) rub between 2 index fingers for 5- 10 seconds. Make sure there is still cream or add more. Gently apply with one fingertip to the crease of you upper lid. starting from the inner corner working out. work out towards the brow bone. keep your eyelid closed for 3-4 minutes whilst teh product dries. ( fanning will accelerate drying). Wash Hands - To remove cleanse area with water and pat dry.

Remescar Sagging Eyelids 8ml

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