Selsun Treatment 200mL

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General Information

Medically proven treatment for dandruff control - Fights dandruff recurrence and reduces symptoms including itchy scalp, flaking and irritation.

TREATMENT OF PROBLEM DANDRUFF: Controls the scaling, flaking and itching of the scalp associated with dandruff including redness and irritation

FIGHTS THE CAUSE OF DANDRUFF: formulated with Selenium Sulfide 2.5%, Selsun Gold not only removes dandruff, but also slow down the rate our skin produces new cells; which is the basic cause of irritations

RELIEVES SYMPTOMS ASSOCIATED WITH SEBORRHOEIC DERMATITIS: control symptoms associated with tinea versicolour and as an adjunct in the treatment of tinea capitis

Size: 200mL


Contains 2.5% Selenium Sulphide


For scalp treatment - Apply to wet hair, lather and leave on scalp for 3 minutes. Rinse. Repeat treatment then rinse thoroughly in running water. Use twice weekly at first, then as necessary or as physician directs. For skin treatment - Apply undiluted to affected areas for 10 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly. Repeat daily for 1 week or as physician directs.


Selsun去屑止痒洗发水 用于治疗脂溢性皮炎、癣、头皮炎,作为治疗头癣的辅助手段。


请勿吞下。避免接触眼睛。 对于经过漂白、着色或烫发的头发,在之前和之后的48小时内避免使用该洗发水。 避免接触珠宝。 急救——如果发生中毒的情况,请联系医生或毒物信息中心。 如果不慎吞下并且距离医院超过15分钟,采用催吐手段,最好使用ipecac syrup APF催吐糖浆。




头皮护理:将Selsun应用于湿发上、轻揉出泡沫达到3分钟。冲洗。重复使用,然后在自来水中彻底冲洗。一开始使用两次,之后根据需要或医生指导使用。 皮肤护理:将未稀释的洗发水涂抹于患区,停留10分钟。彻底清洗干净。每天1次,坚持使用1周,或遵医嘱。

Selsun Treatment 200mL