Snake Bite Bandage 10cm x 10.5m

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General Information

The AeroForm Snake Bite Bandage is ideal for applying compression using the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) with a unique indicator to show the correct tension required.


Always call 000 in the case of an emergency. This product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a healthcare practitioner.

Common Uses

This bandage is designed for use with all snake bites, funnel web spider bites, blue ringed octopus and cone shell stings


The AeroForm Snake Bite bandage measures 10.5m when stretched and 3.3m unstretched


Steps for treatment of snake bite injury: 1) Call 000. Calm the casualty. Lie Casualty down, this will slow the absorbtion of venom and reduce the effect of shock. 2) Check Breathing and follow DRABCD if the casualty is unconscious. 3) Apply indicator bandage directly over the bite site at correct tension. Indicator should show squares when tensioned correctly. Mark the bite site if possible. 4) Wrap the bandage to the end of the affected limb and start an ascending spiral to as high up the limb as possible. Ensure square indicators are showing and the bandage is overlapped to the edge of the indicator. 5) Keep the bitten limb level with the rest of the body to slow the movement of venom in the body and await medical assistance.

Snake Bite Bandage 10cm x 10.5m