Alpha Keri

Alpha Keri Super Hydrating Shower & Body Oil 1 Litre
General Information Transform your skin with this advanced, multipurpose 3 in 1 daily cleansing treatment oil. The soft...
Alpha Keri Aloe Soothe Skin Lotion 1 Litre
General Information 3 x Hydration after first application A luxuriously rich and velvety cream, containing super ingredient Organic...
Alpha Keri Aloe Soothe Gentle Wash 1 Litre
General Information An extra-gentle, hydrating & soothing skin lotion, suitable for very dry, irritated & sensitive skin. Containing...
Alpha Keri Super Hydrating Gentle Wash 1 Litre
General Information Lather this light soap free formulation to remove oil, dirt and impurities without stripping the skin...
Alpha Keri Super Hydrating Body Cleanser 1 Litre
General Information A creamy moisturising body wash formulated to create a light lather to gently cleanse skin. Super...
Alpha Keri Aloe Soothe Intensive Cream 500ml
General Information 3 x Hydration after first application An extra gentle, super hydrating lotion, containing super ingredient Organic...
Alpha Keri Super Hydrating Moisturising Lotion 1 Litre
General Information Banish crocodile skin and instantly hydrate skin with this concentrated repairing lotion. The fast absorbing lotion...
Alpha Keri Rich Cream 500ml
General Information This rich, protective body cream provides intense long lasting hydration to dry skin including cracked and...
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