Carefree Flexia Tampons Super 16 Pack

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General Information

Carefree Flexia Tampons Super have unique Softfolds flexible wings for our most advanced protection against leakage. These absorbent tampons can be used overnight, offering up to 8 hours of protection and draw fluid to the inner core. For heavy flow.

CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Tampons Super catch fluid that other tampons might miss. The unique SOFTFOLDS® wings adapt to your body and attract fluid to the absorbent inner core of the tampon to help prevent embarrassing leaks. And when it's time for bed, you'll get 8 hour protection while you sleep overnight* so you can wake up feeling clean and fresh.

- A drop absorbency rating of 4 means they can absorb approximately 14g during a heavy flow
- Super absorbent tampons for heavy flow
- Adapts To Your Body: Softfolds adapt to your body to catch fluid and leaks other tampons may miss
- Advanced Protection: Softfolds draw fluid to the inner core of the tampon for extra peace of mind

*CAUTION: A tampon should never be left in for more than 8 hours. For night use, change the tampon before you go to bed and first thing in the morning; please read the enclosed leaflet in your CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Tampon pack for usage instructions.

Suitable For: Heavy Flow

Boxed Contents: 16 super tampons

Size: 16 Pack


• 16 Super Tampons
• Flexia
• Designed to catch fluid


Tampon use has been associated with toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. Please read and keep the enclosed information.

Approximately 14g absorbency.


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Recyclable Packaging?: Yes

Recycling Code: 5 PP

Carefree Flexia Tampons Super 16 Pack

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